KL Rahul Responds to Social Media Trolls: “Nobody Wants to Perform Poorly”

KL Rahul KL trollsOpened Up About His Experiences With Social Media Trolling In The Past Year


KL Rahul, India’s prominent opener batsman, has faced a prolonged period of poor form. Recently, while captaining the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL, Rahul had to withdraw from the tournament due to an injury that required surgery. Social media trolls targeted him during the Test series against Australia earlier this year, where he could only muster 37 runs in two matches, resulting in his exclusion from the third Test. KL Rahul trolls.

Improving Performance in ODIs but Still Under Criticism:

Although Rahul exhibited improvement in his performance during the ODIs following the Test series, critics on social media continued to target him. Even in the IPL, his strike rate became a topic of discussion. Presently sidelined due to injury, Rahul recently addressed a troll in a podcast, emphasizing that no player aims to underperform.

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Athletes Seeking Support Amidst Trolling:

Reflecting on the impact of social media trolling, Rahul expressed, “This is something that affects me at times, as well as other players. When athletes truly need support, people often believe they have the authority to criticize or pass judgment.” He conveyed that players dedicate their lives to their sport and strive to perform at their best. Rahul reiterated his singular focus on cricket, stating, “I don’t know anything other than cricket. It’s my sole pursuit.”

Results Not Always Aligned with Effort:

Responding to the perception that he might not be serious or working hard enough on his game, Rahul asserted, “Why would anyone think I’m not serious or not putting in enough effort? Unfortunately, in sports, there’s no direct correlation. You can work tirelessly, like I do, but sometimes the results don’t go in your favor.”

KL Rahul Responds

Road to Recovery and Missed Opportunities:

Following a successful surgery for his right thigh injury, Rahul is eager to make a swift return to the national team. The injury occurred when he was fielding during an IPL match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Regrettably, this setback also ruled him out of the World Test Championship (WTC) final.


KL Rahul’s struggle with poor form and subsequent criticism on social media highlights the challenges athletes face in the digital age. Despite the setbacks, Rahul remains resolute and committed to his cricketing journey. As he recuperates from his injury, his determination to return stronger serves as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and a reminder that success in sports is not always a linear path.

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