Ishaan Kishan Displays Arrogance, Refuses to Play Tests, Leaves Team

Ishan Kishan Opts Out of Test Cricket and Domestic Tournament, Focusing on Limited-Overs Formats

In a surprising turn of events, young wicketkeeper-batsman Ishan Kishan has decided to depart from the Test cricket scene and withdraw from his domestic cricket team. Following his omission from the final match of the World Test Championship, Kishan has chosen to forgo participating in this year’s Duleep Trophy. This sudden move has raised eyebrows among cricket enthusiasts, leaving many questioning the player’s motivations and future plans. Ishaan Kishan Displays Arrogance.

Ishan Kishan’s Decision Amidst WTC Disappointment:

Having represented the East Zone team in the Duleep Trophy, Ishan Kishan has declined to be part of the tournament this year. A member of the eastern region’s selection committee revealed that concerns were raised regarding Kishan’s inclusion after he was overlooked for the playing XI in the WTC final. Ishaan Kishan Displays Arrogance.

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According to the committee member,

“We approached Debasish Chakraborty, coordinator of the regional selection committee, as Kishan was part of the Indian team for the WTC final while KS Bharat was selected for the playing XI. We sought clarity on whether we could select Kishan”.

Ishan Kishan Opts Out of Test Cricket and Domestic Tournament,

Replacement for Kishan in the Duleep Trophy:

Confirming Kishan’s decision, another member of the selection committee stated that the wicketkeeper-batsman opted out of the Duleep Trophy, citing unavailability for selection. The committee member further revealed, “Ishan Kishan has consistently performed well for India in ODIs and T20 cricket, and many believe he deserved the captaincy.

Chakraborty spoke to him over the phone, informing us that he doesn’t wish to participate in the Duleep Trophy. We haven’t been provided any information regarding whether he is injured or not. It was simply conveyed that he does not want to play.”

Shift in Focus to Limited-Overs Formats:

The catalyst for Kishan’s decision seems to be his recent experience in the World Test Championship, where he was left on the bench throughout the five-day match. Indian captain Rohit Sharma chose KS Bharat over Kishan, leaving him disappointed. After serving as a water boy during the final, Kishan has now opted to prioritize limited-overs cricket, specifically One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20s (T20s).

It is noteworthy that Kishan’s absence in the Duleep Trophy has led to his replacement by Abhishek Porel, raising questions about the future trajectory of the talented young cricketer. Fans and pundits eagerly await further clarification from Kishan himself regarding his decision and future plans.

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