Gambhir – Head coach Team India: Will bring aggression in the team.. Best option for Gambhir: Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram On Gautam Gambhir As India Head Coach Candidate: Under the guidance of Gambhir, Kolkata reached the IPL final. They had defeated Hyderabad in the first qualifier. Wasim Akram made an interesting comment in this context.

Internet Desk: Former Pakistan player Wasim Akram On Gautam Gambhir as India head coach candidate and the best choice for the post of India’s head coach. Before the tournament, he described Gambhir as a mentor, who played an important role in taking Kolkata to the final of the 17th season of IPL at a time when there were no expectations. Rahul Dravid’s tenure is ending at the end of June. A new coach is likely to take charge after the T20 World Cup. The names of Stephen Fleming, Ricky Ponting, Langer and Jayawardene came up. However, the former Pakistan player took Gambhir’s side.

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Akram clarified

“Why am I saying that Gambhir is the best candidate? He is articulate. It is not difficult to understand him. A normal person. But, will he agree to it? Or? What is the key. He has already left politics for cricket. So, he needs to spend more time as an Indian cricket coach. It is interesting to see what kind of decision he will take after having two daughters. He doesn’t say anything about anything. Because of his presence, Gambhir’s words seem offensive. If he becomes the coach of India, there is no doubt that he will bring that to the team,”

Akram Said
Gambhir Head coach Team India Wasim Akram
Akram clarified about Gambhir

Gambhir’s conversation with Kolkata players before the match against Hyderabad went viral on social media. Everyone in the team is treated equally. There is no difference between senior and junior in this. Is he an international player? A domestic player? there is no reason. We are all working towards the same goal. Our goal is to become IPL champion. If everyone understands and fulfills their responsibilities then it is enough. We have to step into Chennai on 26th May. Gambhir said, if not that day, not on May 23, then we should start now. According to this, KKR reached the final by defeating Sunrisers.

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